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Mauliola Keʻehi is an education non-profit based at the historic tidal islands of Keʻehi that inspires visitors to transformative healing through Hawaiian culture-based education. A visit to Keʻehi immerses the student in a range of physical, mental, cultural, and scientific activities that are grounded in Keʻehi’s rich history and demonstrate the evolving ecology of the islands.

Through learning the moʻolelo (stories) and practices of the Hawaiian people and the history of the islands–once home to aliʻi such as King Kalākaua and once a place for teaching navigation and shark riding–visitors experience a unique opportunity for learning, healing, and well-being in the middle of urban Honolulu.

The mission of Mauliola Keʻehi is to promote transformative healing through understanding the frequencies, vibrations, and energy of the Honua (earth) that our Kupuna utilized to achieve Mauliola (wellbeing). The Honua is our ancestral medicine!

Ka i‘a leo nui o Ke‘ehi 

The loud-voiced fish of Ke‘ehi
Project Kuleana Kamehameha: Waiwai Kapālama

Project Kuleana Kamehameha: Waiwai Kapālama

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