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Assessment Tools

Mauliola Keʻehi Kumu Resource Library

As an organization serving predominantly Native Hawaiian learners, it is important for us at Mauliola Keʻehi to gather data in a way that fosters reflection and active listening, builds trust among participants, and allows participants to share their thoughts and experiences in their own words. Over the last couple of years we have developed three tools that encourage haumāna to reflect on their feelings and emotions and to assess how the visit and self-regulation techniques they learned may have affected their wellbeing.


A summary and downloadable templates are available below for our three modes of program assessment. One mode may be more appropriate than the other depending on the size, ability, and age of your class. Our first and second modes are suitable for smaller groups and can be adapted to suit both verbal and non-verbal haumāna. Analysis of data gathered using this method led to the development of the third mode, a pre-post reflection wheel that may be suitable for larger groups.

01.  Kilo Kino

Developed from a method we learned from Aunty Puanani Burgess, Kilo Kino helps participants reflect on and describe feelings, emotions, and state of being when they are with us.


In the morning we ask program participants to kilo kino or reflect on their internal weather and at the end of the visit participant share the change in their internal weather. Answers are recorded, transcribed, and analyzed to understand how the program impacts wellbeing.


02.  Wehena Awakea

At the end of the huakaʻi, program participants are given a prompt question and encouraged to talk about their experiences. This approach gives us rich and descriptive feedback on how our program impacts people.


Answers are recorded, transcribed, and analyzed to understand how the program impacts wellbeing.  Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year we gathered 121 such reflections from haumāna of all ages and analyzed these responses as a team

03.  Reflection Wheel

Our reflection wheel was developed after analyzing open-ended data from our Wehena Awakea protocol and is modeled on the DoE Hā reflection. It asks haumāna to reflect on how the huakaʻi to Mauliola Keʻehi has affected them on six metrics, including connection to Hawaiian Culture, kuleana for Hawaiʻi, and their ability to self-regulate. Click here to download a printable PDF. We highly recommend this reflection be done in in the classroom prior to and after the day's huakaʻi rather than when participants are out in the field. If you would like to share your haumāna's completed wheels to help us with our ongoing program assessment efforts, please email them to our team here. We will anonymize all data collected.

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