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Mauliola Keʻēhi

Hoʻōla nā moku o Keʻehi
Use this guide to plan your huakaʻi to Mauliola Keʻehi


Mauliola Keʻehi is a Hawaiian culture-focused, placed-based education program steeped in a rich history that provides transformative healing through culture and art. The papa (reef) of Keʻehi forms the foundation of our outdoor classroom that is fun and exciting, igniting inspiration for the next generation. Planting seeds of Kūpuna Consciousness one paddle at a time!!



  1. Clothes you donʻt mind getting dirty or wet (if you're wearing a bathing suit, you must have clothes over the suit); bag for wet clothes.

  2. Reef walking foot attire (tabis) and/or covered shoes for walking on the reef, NO WATER SOCKS (there are thorny plants/shrubs as well as glass and coral). Slippers for after.

  3. Sun protection: sunscreen with no oxybenzone (reef safe), sunglasses, hat, etc.

  4. Re-usable water bottles and utensils. NO ONE TIME PLASTIC PLEASE.

  5. Please leave towels/extra clothes in car. We provide life-vest for adults and keiki over 50 pounds. If you have keiki under 3 and/or under 50 pounds, please provide your own.

  6. We will be boarding waʻa (canoes) to paddle to the reef…so please no large bags. Kumu Kehau will have a dry bag for your phone, and keys etc.

  7. Please bring a beach chair or mat to sit on if you want to stay and eat your lunch.


  1. Drive down Sand Island Access Road and head over the bridge.

  2. Turn FIRST right at the stoplight.

  3. Turn right at the end of the short road.

  4. Follow the road all the way past the BMX park to the parking lot on your left.

  5. See map: please park ONLY in the two green circle areas in the parking lots. DO NOT park in the first row near the canoes. Preferably, please park in the middle of the large gravel lot.

GPS address: The closest address is 1440 Sand Island Parkway Honolulu, HI 96819. Sandbox BMX. BUT do not park there; instead, go to the gravel parking lot near the bathroom.

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